The Art if Procrastination. Would you list your home with this guy?

Being a top Waukesha County Wisconsin Real Estate agent takes a huge commitment to one’s clients and customers, It takes an agent that has a plan in place.    2remax 200x150

They worked through the contingencies and objectives. They work hard  and gets the property to a successful closing. One needs major marking and Internet avenues in place to get the property out on in seconds.


I have met agents that when I delivered an offer they literally had said to me “Let me see when I can make some time around my schedule to deal with it” Deal with it? It’s how we as Waukesha County Wisconsin real estate agents make our living. Procrastinating is not a good virtue. It certainly isn’t an art. Hire an agent that always answers their phone when that phone rings and they are available when you need them,


One that will do anything to make sure you are happy and you wind up with a great result. I had an agent awhile ago tell me they didn’t have time over the weekend because he had a bunch of personal plans and the offer expired. His logic was he would just counter it. How sad. I promise you I will always be there. I will never procrastinate and I will work hard to achieve nothing less than stellar results for you,


Have a productive day and I will see you at closing!



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Have a productive day and I will see you at closing!


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