My name is Tom Braatz, and I woud love to work harder than a rented mule for you.

Buying and selling Real Estate in Waukesha County Wisconsin  and being one of the Waukesha County Real Estate agents working in Waukesha County Real Estate has evolved to be a lot more avenues and responsibilities than it did in 1985. When I started in this Industry it was pretty simple. You had a desk phone, a phone book, and every two weeks you received a copy of your MLS books, which had every listing in the surrounding 7 counties. One would rip out sections of the MLS books and give them to their potential buyers. You pretty much sat at your desk and you cold called and worked on whatever you thought would generate a lead. Without any cell phones, computers, social media, Internet, or anything close to the tools today, those remain to be some of my best years ever. You were driven, disciplined yourself to be a self motivator and drive yourself each day because of your goals, or you found another job. I have seen a lot of people come and go in Waukesha County Real Estate and the Lake Country Real Estate market. A lot.


Today there is a mass array of everything from cell phones, to blog platforms,  Internet, email, a sea of social media tools, and a sea of social media tools, a big sea. The Internet can be a superb tool for a seller of a real estate agent, but make no bones about it. The Internet has flaws, can be deceiving or is misleading to many, and the same applies to the social media tools. I used to tell agents that worked for me to always remember to go back to the basics. If a real estate agent has this huge and complex Internet and social media campaign yet remains doing little real estate closings or constantly can’t get to a closing they need to get  back to the basics.


Working with me allows a buyer or seller to know that they are working with an Waukesha County Real estate agent that has developed quite the effective Internet and social media campaigns (a simply googling of (tom braatz, real estate, Waukesha County Lake homes, Waukesha County Real Estate agents as well as a universe of other tags and addresses shows you this) , but one thing is for sure, I constantly take a step back and get back to the basics. My phone is forever going off, I will always look you in the eyes and you’ll get a firm hand shake from me, and I will roll up my sleeves and take on any tasks necessary to put you out there as one of the Waukesha County homes for sale, or on the other foot if you are buying a home in Waukesha County Wisconsin I will make it happen, get you to a successful closing, and it would be an honor to work harder than a rented mule for you. Truly an honor.


Have a productive day and I will see you at closing

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