Remembering Waukesha County Cheese factories in Americas Dairyland.

Waukesha County Life has always been pretty interesting. Earlier in my life and to this day. I have found memories of hanging out with my grandfather when I was young.  Saturdays were a ritual; a trip to the dump so the guys could get together and chew the fat, a secret trip over to Dottie’s bakery in Stonebank where my grandfather would pick up the donuts and then fly over to the Phillips 66 station in cheeseNorth Lake so he and his friends that had diabetes could eat their jelly donuts, and of course the cheese factory in Mapleton to get a half a brick of cheese. The Waukesha county cheese factories may have diminished but those memories will last for ever for me. I was showing property a bit ago to someone and I made the comment that I thought it was a cheese factory previously. The folks that were relocating looked at me in bewilderment as I explained to them that the Waukesha County real estate market had cheese factories everywhere at one time. Wisconsin produces more than 35 percent of all cheese made in the United States. Much of it is made in small, cheese1

family-owned and operated cheese factories that specialize in award-winning varieties. They welcome visitors. Please read about the history of Wisconsin vheese which is extremely interesting at History of Wisconsin Cheese . The move from producing cheese for family use to making cheese to sell was a short step. However, commercial production of cheese in Wisconsin began on a small scalecheese2al  By 1945 more than 1,500 cheese factories in Wisconsin produced about 515 million pounds of cheese a year. Today, approximately 15,000 dairy farms, with over 1.2 million cows producing an average of 18,850 pounds of milk each per year, continue the reputation for quality milk from Wisconsin. Wisconsin has more skilled and licensed cheesemakers than any other state. These cheesemakers must complete rigorous studies in dairy science and cheesemaking before they can be licensed. They also may serve as an apprentice under a licensed cheesemaker. Wisconsin is the only state to offer a Master Cheesemaker program. These fine craftsmen produce over 2.4 billion pounds of cheese each year, over 25 percent of all domestic cheese.   Quality and variety of cheese from Wisconsin, America’s Dairyland.  Cheese factory history, locations, Wisconsin attractionsLIST OF BUTTER AND CHEESE FACTORIESLIST OF CONDENSERIES , Cheese Factories & Tours , Wisconsin Attractions: Find Attractions by County , How Cheese Is Made   Recipes  Click here for a Map of Wisconsin Cheese Factories  History of Wisconsin Cheese

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